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What you should know about Apple’s FaceTime glitch

Cyber Security expert Ian Marlow and Gordon Deal discuss what you should know about Apple's FaceTime glitch.   Air...

Do You Need a Technology Consultant?

Are questioning if you need to hire a technology consultant at your business? Having an outside opinion or consultant can completely change the way you do business by utilizing the right systems for your company that will work at their peak and keep your brokers and processes streamlined and at the highest productivity levels. Here are a few reasons hiring a technology consultant can improve your business.

6 New Technologies Unveiled at CES 2018

Every January, technology companies from around the globe travel to Las Vegas to showcase the latest and greatest tech gadgets that they have created at CES. Some of the biggest trends for new technology this year included improving communication between smart home technologies, making a car feel more personalized and putting screens on just about anything possible. Here are 6 new technologies that were unveiled at CES 2018.

The Checkout Crackdown – CBS NY

Noah Birnbaum of FITECH speaks on CBS NY about new technology being implemented in super markets to crack down on intentional and unintentional theft...


Ian Marlow of FITECH speaking on CBS NY about wearable technology. Original air date 3/20/16.

Ian Marlow, CBS covering CES 2016

Ian Marlow of FITECH speaks on CBS about all the latest tech gadgets at this years Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Five Technology New Year Resolutions for Businesses

The new year is young—the perfect time to think about your business technology. Here are five actions your organization should resolve to...

10 Reasons to Have Your Network Evaluated

A computer network audit examines and outlines your current IT structure, expenditures and the services you are using at that moment. However,...

Is Your Office Technology Helping or Hurting Productivity?

We’ve all heard the stories before—a company buys and installs the latest software to run a system and streamline operations, only to...

10 Ways Today’s Hot Technologies Can Fire Up Your Brand

Take a look at the world’s most well-known major brands—Google, Apple, IBM, Microsoft and Amazon, to name a few. Add to the...

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CEO Ian Marlow discusses new security policies for TicTok on USA Today

FitechGelb CEO Ian Marlow was interviewed to comment on TicTok's new security policies for users aged 13-15....

Ian Marlow interviewed on CBS12 News: avoiding vaccine scams

As a cybersecurity expert for CBS12 News, Ian Marlow provides tips on how to avoid vaccine scams. Now that vaccines are becoming...

Ian Marlow on CBS12 News shares tech tips for safe shopping during the holiday season

CEO Ian Marlow gives tips for keeping your data safe during the holiday shopping season on CBS12 News.

Protecting your IP with a remote workforce

While for the sake of agility and business continuity, you may have overridden certain security precautions at the start of the pandemic (e.g. allowing employees the flexibility to work from their own devices), COVID’s lingering presence requires a closer look at those business policies and security measures—especially concerning the continued protection of intellectual property (IP).

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