Please visit the FITECH booth at YASC 2015 in Anaheim!

FITECH will be attending YASC 2015 conference in Anaheim this year. Take a look our for our booth! Learn...

A Look at MRI Go and Yardi Ajax—Efficiency Tools to Help Streamline Your Real Estate Business

The days of tedious database searches and clumsy online file management has come to an end with MRI•Go and Yardi Ajax.

A Look at MRI•Go—Streamlining Your Real Estate Asset Management

Thanks to MRI•Go, MRI database searches are easier for real estate owners and operators. This added solution to the MRI platform has...

Integrating Smart Submeters into their ERP System Helps Real Estate Companies Streamline their Operations

Utility costs are high and tracking tenant billbacks is a job in itself. Without automated utility billing, the property owner must manually...

Phishing scam luring victims with promise of jobs Ian Marlow of FITECH Consultants is interviewed for a FOX5 NY report about phishing scams.

Choosing a Customer Relationship Management System for Your Real Estate Company

Customer relationships are the backbone of building a stable, profitable real estate business. Customer relationship management, or CRM, represents a broad array...

Useful Apps for Students Ian Marlow of FITECH Consultants is interviewed for a FOX5 NY report about useful apps for student returning to school.

What is an ERP and Do You Need One for Your Organization?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning system. Depending on the industry, this term has different definitions and applications. Many real estate and...

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Ian Marlow interviewed on CBS12 News: avoiding vaccine scams

As a cybersecurity expert for CBS12 News, Ian Marlow provides tips on how to avoid vaccine scams. Now that vaccines are becoming...

CEO Ian Marlow Discusses Cyber Espionage on Fox Business Live

Spy tactics are not just for the movies, and never were. In this interview with Fox Business Live, FitechGelb CEO and data security expert Ian Marlow shares his thoughts and considerations on the tactics foreign nations employ to ascertain guarded information from their enemies.

Protecting your IP with a remote workforce

While for the sake of agility and business continuity, you may have overridden certain security precautions at the start of the pandemic (e.g. allowing employees the flexibility to work from their own devices), COVID’s lingering presence requires a closer look at those business policies and security measures—especially concerning the continued protection of intellectual property (IP).

Outsourcing is the new normal. Is your organization onboard?

As life continues to change, so does work. In the midst of the pandemic, business operators around the globe are forced to...

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