Outsourcing is the new normal. Is your organization onboard?

As life continues to change, so does work. In the midst of the pandemic, business operators around the globe are forced to reframe decades-old paradigms about 9-to-5, office-centric workflows. 

Forward-thinking businesses are finding an opportunity to retain the most important parts of their network – including security, accessibility and efficiency – while freeing their team members and operations from costly overhead and inefficient processes. 

These considerations highlight the importance of properly organized and unified data resources that take away bottlenecks and provide operators with more control and understanding of their data. 

Managing Intellectual Property and Security

As comfortability and guidance regarding in-person, in-office work continues to be nebulous, it’s important to have a plan for how to best handle your business’s data, and how it is being handled across teams.

Many employees and contractors are working from home now, and doing so on their own computers, with their own wifi connections. As team members change positions, projects, and employment status, knowing how files and data are managed by your company is extremely important to maintaining operational continuity. 


  • Private Cloud Services
    • A private cloud server like FTHosting Private Cloud makes your network and its data accessible to team members and stakeholders wherever an internet connection is available. Owning your network on a private cloud helps stabilize the resources and maintain ownership over its administration. 
  • Data Loss Protection
    • Seek out Data Loss Protection (DLP) services to control and understand how employees are moving data off of your system. DLP helps administrators track it all, from when an employee moves a file from his laptop to an email, to when a flash drive is connected to a work computer. Review FitechGelb’s DLP offerings here.
  • Mobile Device Management 
    • Do your team members use tablets or smartphones for work? Similar to DLP, Mobile Device Management is data loss protection specifically for mobile devices. MDM is ideal for increasing device supportability, security, and corporate functionality, while maintaining some user flexibility.

Human Resources: Turnover and Unemployment

As business changes, so might your team––in size and in composition. With so much uncertainty, business operators must look critically at where company information may be vulnerable to misuse or loss (in the event of turnover). How elastic and scalable are your operations and processes, in bull and in bear markets? In what ways are your outsourced workflows helping make your team members’ work better and more efficient?

If a leaving team member owns key workflow processes… in their head, then proceeds to leave the company–how are you safeguarding against lost information? Or. These are problems that intelligent outsourcing can solve across multiple departments by becoming an extension of your team and its workflows, effortlessly growing and evolving as capacities change. 


  • Accounting Outsourcing
    • As important as accounting is to multiple teams at a company, maintaining security and stability can be achieved through outsourcing tasks through a trusted partner. Maintaining a relationship with one partner takes the onus away from team members to be responsible for how they transfer knowledge and processes to one another, especially in the event of that team member leaving the company. 
    • FitechGelb offers accounting services including:
      • Accounts payable
      • Accounts receivable
      • Reconciliations  
      • Sub-ledger analysis
      • General ledger work papers 
  •  Outsourcing Lease Administration
    • For commercial, retail, and industrial portfolios, FitechGelb provides full lease administration services, delivered directly into your ERP platform or in Excel — ready for upload. 
    • Our tiered offerings provide your business maximum flexibility based on your needs, with dynamic elasticity that grows and contracts as business does. See our site for more details and to view our tiers.

Get Serious About Outsourcing

Staying ahead of the changing workplace can yield dividends. Being smart about the way your company manages its information and network, even as teams and processes change, means having a plan for centralizing your network in a way that gives you the most control, and takes the onus off of individuals on your team so they can focus on doing great work.

If you feel inspired to get serious about optimizing your operation through outsourcing, now is the best time to start. Contact us for a consultation today so we can help provide your team and network with the reliability, elasticity, and security it needs for the new normal. 




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