6 New Technologies Unveiled at CES 2018

Every January, technology companies from around the globe travel to Las Vegas to showcase the latest and greatest tech gadgets that they have created at CES. Some of the biggest trends for new technology this year included improving communication between smart home technologies, making a car feel more personalized and putting screens on just about anything possible. Here are 6 new technologies that were unveiled at CES 2018.

Lenovo Smart Display

The Smart Display is a voice-activated computer with a screen that displays supplementary information. If you ask for gym recommendations, the Smart Display will pull up information on close by workout facilities. Smart Display can also play YouTube videos, has a large screen and has a more polished and refined design that will easily blend into any home.

My Special Aflac Duck

This interactive plush toy was created to provide comfort to children diagnosed with cancer. Children can mirror their care routines on the duck and can express emotion through the toy by holding a circular token to its chest that triggers it to assume the corresponding feeling. This allows a sense of companionship to children while they are experiencing treatment or therapy.

Byton Concept Car

Byton is aiming to make your car feel more like your living room than just a way to get to and from destinations. The gigantic screen stretches across the entire dashboard and will include facial recognition so that it can identify the driver and load his or hers personal settings as the driver enters the vehicle.

Philips SmartSleep

This headband is not designed for you to get more sleep, but to sleep better. The headband emits a tone that is said to improve slow wave sleep, or the stage of the sleep cycle in which brain waves and slow breathing are at the lowest levels. This type of sleep can help increase alertness and the ability to keep focus. The two sensors on the headband detect when you are asleep and can identify when you enter a deep sleep. The algorithm then customizes the volume and level of tone given off that will boost slow wave activity within the brain.

“The Wall” TV by Samsung

Samsung’s new 146-inch TV is called “The Wall” and the company is positioning the product as the first “modular TV.” Users will be able to change the size and shape of The Wall in order to make it function as a multipurpose display. The TV uses MicroLED technology to produce even deeper black tones and greater contrast.

Movi Phone

Smartscreens have become a go-to for entertainment, but sometimes you may want to watch a TV show or movie on a larger screen even when a TV is not nearby…the Movi Smartphone is the perfect solution for this as it comes with an integrated projector that can project 720p videos.

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