5 Tech Services Real Estate Operators, Owners and Brokers Didn’t Know They Could Outsource

Your goal as an operator, owner or broker should be to focus on offering your tenants and clients top-notch service with incredible results. The last thing you should be worrying about is technology and the frustration this technology can sometimes bring. When you outsource technology services, you can spend more time engaging with clients and closing more deals. Here are 5 tech services you may not know you can outsource by using a trusted technology partner.

Network Audit

Do you know if your current IT infrastructure is up to par for all of your corporate IT needs? By outsourcing your network audit to FiTech, you will receive a thorough audit of your existing IT infrastructure that will analyze the platform to identify any areas of opportunity to better your operation and security. You will have a complete inventory and assessment of your entire IT infrastructure with our recommendations for any network changes or creation of ERP system and you’ll receive a detailed blueprint for growth possibilities for your IT infrastructure as your company grows.

Security Testing

There’s no need to hear more horror stories about data breaches and security issues in order to know that it’s crucial to have an incredible defense against hackers. By outsourcing your security and penetration testing with FiTech, you don’t have to worry about waiting until breaches occur. FiTech will probe your system with an “intrusive network penetration test,” which will search for holes that could potentially lead to a breach of security and well send a report to your IT team. FiTech will fix any issue immediately and elude network hackers.

24/7 Help Desk Support

One of the most frustrating situations one can deal with is an issue with technology – especially in the heat of a workday. FiTech’s help desk is always prepared to help troubleshoot any technical issues you may have with your equipment or software. The knowledgeable, responsible and proactive team of experienced technicians FiTech has can fix your issues promptly and accurately.

Private, Hybrid and Public Cloud Services

If you are ready to move to cloud based services allowing global access to your systems, integrated business continuity and elimination of the onsite infrastructure that is aged and costly to replace, FITECH is here to assist.  Our own FTHosting cloud is the only CJIS compliant cloud available in the real estate industry with an uptime of over 99.99998% and 24/7 support.   

Building System Network Design

Extend your entire portfolio with FiTech’s building system network design. Our team will assess, design, install and manage all of your property-based networking needs, including all of the fiber optic writing, structured cabling, Wi-Fi, firewalls and internet systems and telecommunications. Our technicians and engineers will create one centralized network to keep your business organized within the building and across your portfolio and will manage the whole process.

Management of Existing IT Infrastructure

The team at FiTech can help provide you continuous support of your organization’s computing. We will make sure that your infrastructure is strong, stable and secure and that your download/upload rate is optimized so that your system is running and operating to the best of its ability. We manage your corporate network to make sure that your information is flowing securely through your system accurately and timely.

From assessment to configuration to customization to long-term management of your computing infrastructure, our expert consultants and engineers will create the efficiencies, integrations and insights so critical for success in today’s competitive business world. Contact us today to learn more.




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