CRM Systems: What are the real estate options?

There are so many different CRM systems available, so how do you choose the right one for your needs? Whether you’re a new agent who needs to manage all of your client information or you are a seasoned agent who is looking for a better, more robust CRM, you are sure to find the perfect option for all of your needs. Let’s take a closer look at key elements your CRM should have.

Lead Aggregation

The right CRM will help you keep leads organized by automatically aggregating leads from various sources such as website visitors, newsletter sign-ups, social media and inbound calls. Your CRM should also assist with prospect nurturing by following up with leads automatically with preset emails and tasks. A good CRM will nurture prospects through the entire sales process from generating the lead to closing the sale.


Does your current CRM integrate with all of the applications and systems you use on a day-to-day basis for your business? One of the key features a real estate CRM should have is integration with MLS so that all of your listings will be easily accessible.

Your CRM is a central hub for all of your information needed to successfully run and grow your business, so integration is crucial to streamline tasks and save time. If your CRM software works with third-party solutions then all of your data will be streamlined throughout every aspect of your business. This eliminates the need to manually export or import information between two systems.

Drip Email Campaigns

Another great tool your CRM should offer is email marketing. With this feature you can automatically build email lists, send out drip email marketing campaigns and measure the performance of these campaigns. This is critical to staying top of mind for your clients and prospects. Many CRMs offer custom newsletters for you to send out to clients and prospects making it simple and easy.

Performance Tracking

CRM software generally gives every real estate agent their own account, allowing them to keep track of their sales numbers, incentives, quotas and other metrics needed to help them reach their sales goals.

Sales Forecasting

You can automatically project both short and long term sales potential and opportunities easily, eliminating the legwork need to gather information and produce charts from scratch.

Flexibility with a Cloud-Based CRM

Real estate agents are always on the go, meaning they need a CRM that works with their schedules. With a cloud-based CRM you can get access to your CRM data anytime, anywhere and on any device. You are no longer chained to your desk to get work done – you can be at a property showing, on vacation or at a coffee shop and you will be able to access all of the files and data you need.

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