Cloud-Based Services Help Brokers Maximize Agent Productivity

Cloud-based services give brokers the opportunity to truly be flexible and to work from anywhere, boosting productivity. Brokers need to be able to continue working as they are out in the field and the cloud allows them to do so. There are more opportunities for growth and an increase in sales volume with these tools. There are various services available to make the day-to-day work flow more smoothly for brokers including Box and Quickbooks.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the cloud-based services that can help brokers maximize agent productivity.


Box is like My Documents on your desktop, except it lives online and can be accessed from any device, anywhere at any time. You can drag and drop files you want to access on the go so that you never have to worry about losing files or not being able to access them in important meetings with clients. This is a great cloud-service for collaboration as well, since everyone can update documents in Salesforce and other programs.


This online accounting service will help with all of your accounting needs, such as VAT returns, setting budgets, monitoring cash flows and creating business reports. The SME-focus accounting functionality can be accessed from anywhere in the world. All of your transaction management can be performed with this cloud-based service, making it simpler than ever to close transactions.

Salesforce1 Mobile App

You can take your CRM with you with the mobile app. Use it to plan your day out in the field and make sure to also keep track of all leads and prospects from your phone or tablet. You can also share and edit files easily for more collaboration with your clients and team – it is truly everything you need to close a deal, all on your mobile device.


Evernote is a great place to store notes and client info that once cluttered your desk. You can even use it to scan images for words, so you can upload a picture of a page full of notes and find it later using text search. Long gone are the days of desks full of handwritten sticky notes. Evernote will keep all of your client communications and notes from calls and meetings in one place that is easily accessible.

Brokers are constantly on the move, running from client meetings to property tours and jumping on conference calls all day long. It’s not feasible to expect a broker to be chained to his desk, which makes cloud-based services more useful than ever. These are just a few of the cloud-based services that brokers can utilize in their everyday work lives. Having the ability to truly work from anywhere, helps brokers improve their client communication, close more deals and complete more tasks.

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