3 Ways to Determine if the Cloud (and What Cloud) is Right for You

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Cloud-based solutions offer access to software and files from anywhere at anytime on any device. As business becomes more mobile, companies are taking advantage of the flexibility the cloud can offer their company. The question quickly becomes what cloud is right for you?

Depending on what information you need to store on the cloud, there are three different cloud-based solutions your company can use. Let’s dive into the three different types of clouds.

Public Cloud

The public cloud utilizes the Internet to connect services and customers by providing easy and inexpensive access to storage and software. All Google Apps, Salesforce.com, Amazon Simple Storage Service and others are all examples of public clouds. This is a great cloud option for smaller real estate firms that do not have an IT staff.

The key thing to remember about public cloud software is that it is public, which deters many companies from hosting their highly sensitive data or proprietary files here. While security is a concern, many modern cloud providers make security a top concern and make security protocols accessible for public review.

Hybrid Cloud

This system is a combination of the public and private cloud solutions that offers the advantages of each. You may put sensitive production data on a private cloud to increase security and then archive less sensitive data on a public cloud to take advantage of less costly storage solutions. For private cloud solutions, your firm may have to pay for operational costs and the infrastructure. Utilizing a hybrid cloud can help provide with more cost-effective stability and your company can take advantage of all that the private and public clouds have to offer in the most cost effective way.

Private Cloud (Infrastructure Only)

Many larger real estate firms that are concerned about security often opt for a private cloud system. This cloud is operated exclusively for one organization within their firewall to restrict access to business information. In addition to providing more enhanced security, the private cloud also allows the company to easily customize their applications and data.

The only con to the private cloud is that it requires a significant and in-house IT resource to set up and operate the private cloud —if you’re looking at an infrastructure-only type service. On the flipside, there are managed service providers (like FITECH) that will provide the infrastructure, installation, management and help desk as a full turnkey solution.

If you are housing sensitive company information, client information or information relating to deals or medical records, you should consider housing information on the private cloud to ensure security.

Making it Work for You

The type of information your company is planning to host on the cloud will truly determine what type of cloud is your best option. If your firm has a lot of sensitive information, you should consider a private cloud. If your company has less sensitive information, the public cloud may be your best option. If you have both types of information, you should look into a hybrid cloud for cost saving solutions. Not sure what you need? Maybe a combination? FITECH is flexible enough to provide any variation of these services.

Running a successful and growing business takes enough of your time without having to worry about your business technology maintenance. But, in a world of high-profile data breaches and expanding cloud computing capabilities, it’s a must!

That is why engaging FITECH’s technology team makes excellent business sense. Our IT specialists can handle all your technology maintenance and support needs and can provide a secure, flexible (and in some cases, unique) cloud computing resources on our FTHosting Private Encrypted Cloud. Contact us today to get started.




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