5 Property Management Companies Doing Social Media Right

Just about every company is on social media. From restaurants to real estate firms, companies are using social media to establish a digital presence and connect with their clients and customers in real-time. Even property management companies are seeing the value social media can offer their business. Clients and consumers appreciate seeing valuable information on social media sites that they are already using everyday.

Here just a few property management companies doing social media right and continuing to establish themselves as a leader in the digital world.

Balfour Beatty

Balfour Beatty is a leading international infrastructure group. They finance, develop, build and maintain the vital infrastructures of properties. They have over 54,000 followers on Twitter and share everything from real estate market facts to photos of charity events they sponsor and participate in. They spark engagement by making their timeline visual and conversational.

Simon Property Group

Simon Property Group is a global leader in retail real estate ownership, management and development. The property management company shares plenty of useful content on their Twitter, including information on company news such as the launch of their Chabot designed to deliver useful information to customers as they shop as well as articles that give retail industry related information. They currently have over 3,400 Twitter followers.

Lincoln Property Company

Lincoln Property Co. is a nationwide property management firm that focuses on conventional, affordable student and military housing. The company currently has over 4,800 Twitter followers. They use social media to share company blog posts, charity participation, and articles that feature properties they manage. They embed images and plenty of visuals to keep content eye-catching. They also make an effort to engage with their followers on social media in real-time to keep them interested in their content.

Brixmor Property Group

Brixmor Property Group owns and operates one of the largest portfolios of open-air shopping centers in the United States. The company shares everything from their career opportunities to news articles and roundtables their professionals host and participate in. They also include streams of live tweets they send out during big retail events such as ICSC. The group has over 6,600 followers on Twitter.

DLC Management Corp.

This leading private retail real estate company that specializes in acquisitions, development, leasing and property management offers a Twitter timeline full of facts and statistics surrounding real estate. You can find plenty of visuals on their Twitter timeline along with relevant articles and company news. With over 2,100 followers, DLC Management Corp. reaches a wide audience and continues to grow its social media presence.

Social media marketing is continuing to make headway in becoming one of the most useful forms of digital marketing. With 2.56 billion people on social media sites globally, social media is not going away.

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