FITECH Launches FTVault Private Email Community Product

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FITECH Consultants Unveils “FTVault,” a Private, Invitation-Only,
Encrypted Email Service for Discerning Clientele

Proprietary Subscription Service Creates Closed Email System on Private Domain that Offers Utmost Security, Privacy and Protection from Hackers and Unwanted Messaging

New York, NY, October 23, 2015 – FITECH Consultants, LLC, a technology consulting and managed IT services firm, has announced the launch of FTVault, a fully-hosted, end-to-end closed-system email service. The system enables users to create small “gated” communities on a private domain that allows the group to communicate via email with only those who have been approved or invited to participate. The totally closed system is hacker-proof because internal and external messages are only sent to and received by authorized members. The Vault is a subscription service.

“This service was originally conceived for high-profile public figures who wish to communicate by email only with their selected entourage or family members. However, the application is quickly drawing interest from executives and other private citizens who have to maintain the highest level of email privacy with a small group within their organization,” said Ian Marlow, CEO of FITECH. “We are already seeing heavy demand for this private email service from those in the music, entertainment and sports industries and global CEOs’ security teams alike.”

FTVault ensures that users can only communicate with the people in a defined group that they themselves have established. There is no chance for receiving spam, unsolicited sales emails, or emails from unknown parties since it uses a closed, encrypted system that is set up on a separate system and house within FITECH’s own FTHosting Private Cloud. The service’s monthly subscription rate is based on the number of users within each private community.

The client or “owner” must invite members into his or her community, ensuring the utmost security. All emails transmitted within the community remain within FTVault and as an additional shield, any emails received from outside the community remain at the virtual security gate if and until the owner accepts it into his/her FTVault. As a final step, community members can receive specially configured smartphones for use strictly with FTVault’s encrypted email service.

“FTVault is ideal for people who only want to communicate with their closest associates, business manager or family members, without the risk of receiving any unwanted email or who need the assurance that anything they send by email cannot be accessed or viewed by outsiders,” said Marlow. “Your email address is the portal for the world to communicate with you, but that doesn’t mean the entire world needs to see what you’re sharing with your closest associates. FTVault completely mitigates that risk.”

For more information about FTVault, contact Ian Marlow at or call (973) 575-8324.

With offices in New York City, and Fairfield, NJ, FITECH ( is a consulting and technology services firm serving companies across a wide range of businesses and industries, including real estate, lending, insurance, professional services, security, manufacturing and government. With particular expertise in the real estate industry, FITECH is a member of Yardi®’s Independent Consultant’s Network and a MRI Software Partner Connect Program member.

Founded in 2001, FITECH is focused on helping companies understand where its business processes, intellectual capital and technology intersect, while providing the technology platforms and solutions that drive change to help them realize meaningful business success. Services span ERP design and implementation, people and process restructure, corporate assessment, network and private cloud support, help desk services, real estate technology and web/portal design and integration. FITECH has been cited as NBiz’s “Business of the Year” among companies with 50 employees or less.




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