A Look at MRI Go and Yardi Ajax—Efficiency Tools to Help Streamline Your Real Estate Business

The days of tedious database searches and clumsy online file management has come to an end with MRI•Go and Yardi Ajax.

These programs, from leading providers of technology solutions for the real estate industry, have enhanced search capabilities that enable the software to act more like an intra-system search engine.

In short, both Yardi Ajax and MRI•Go (Version X) provide Google-like search functions within your system. By simply typing in search terms the systems will return more targeted results, so users bypass having to drill down into long menu sets. This improved functionality means much greater efficiency for users searching for resident names, tenant lease information, vendors and more.

Before Yardi Ajax and MRI•Go, if you wanted to look up a tenant’s name, you’d either have to go through a menu sorted by resident, tenant information, another screen for the particular property, search by tenant ID or last name … then search for the exact data you were looking for.

With Yardi Ajax and MRI•Go, say goodbye to multiple steps and key strokes. Simply go to the search field in your dashboard, type in the name (tenant, building, supplier, etc.) and every targeted result appears with the exact information you need. The results show up in tabs by categories (according to your database configuration) and with one easy click on the tab of interest, you can efficiently pull the data you need from your system.

Other features to consider
Yardi Ajax provides an “auto-complete” function, just as the major search engines do. You can type in a few characters, and Ajax searches the records that start with those characters. It displays them on the screen, and you select the one you are looking for. What’s more, in Voyager 7.0, Ajax will search for codes, not just descriptions. Therefore, even if you only remember part of a code, you can enter those few characters and Ajax will return any matches for faster data retrieval.

MRI’s product features an easy-to-use interface with configurable dashboards. It offers flat menu structures, intuitive navigation, data mobility (use on tablets or smartphones), cross-browser functionality, and task-driven search capability. No more fumbling through menu structures looking for a function. MRI•GO searches not just the module you are in, but your entire database. It takes the results and presents logical actions that can be taken, runs reports quickly (check out the “My Reports” section) and is scalable to your organization’s needs.

If you’ve been thinking about one of these vendors’ products, contact us for a product demonstration to see which one is right for your organization. FITECH is a Yardi Independent Consultant and a strategic partner within the MRI Software Partner Connect network; our IT consultants can help you explore and then implement either of these solutions. If you’ve been considering a system upgrade, this new search functionality gives property owners and management companies a lot of great reasons to make the upgrade now.




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