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FitechGelb Academy (FGA)
Certification Program for Yardi® Administrators

FitechGelb Academy

Our program is still happening!

Given the recent increase of COVID-19 cases nationwide, we have made the difficult decision to postpone the August 2020 launch of FitechGelb Academy (FGA). We will announce a revised kickoff date in the coming months, as soon as it is safe to travel.

Elevate your Yardi Expertise

Registration is now open

We are excited to kick off the inaugural session of FitechGelb Academy! The FitechGelb Academy (FGA) Certification Program for Yardi Administrators is more than just a Yardi training course. FGA provides a top-tier, comprehensive education and exam-based certification for the real estate industry. Join us to become the Yardi superhero for your organization and you can save the day!

Elevate Your Yardi Expertise

As Yardi continues to expand in the real estate universe, the need for top talent increases. It’s your turn to become an invaluable resource for your organization. FitechGelb Academy (FGA) is your path forward, taking you from a capable Yardi Voyager® user to become certified with the FitechGelb Academy Program.

FGA goes beyond traditional Yardi end user training. Our 7-month curriculum offers a wide range of subject areas, including comprehensive Yardi software administration, real estate accounting principles, SQL fundamentals, and industry best practices. Plus, FGA students have exclusive access to the FitechGelb network of talent.

For more information about eligibility and program administration, please visit our FAQs.

Program Features

Participants must successfully complete all program requirements and pass the final exam to earn FitechGelb Academy (FGA) Certification.

Orientation Webinar
Prerequisite eLearning Courses
Three-day Bootcamp
Midterm Assessment
Instructor-led Weekly Webinars
eLearning Courses
Midterm Two-day Bootcamp
Team Study Group Sessions (Bi-weekly with all students)
Online Access to Course Content
FitechGelb Academy (FGA) Forum
Proctored Final Certification Exam
Individual Workshop Sessions (Bi-weekly) ($3,200 value)
Client Onsite Business Process Review ($4,800 value)
FitechGelb Support Queue Preferred Pricing*
$10,995 $15,995

Silver Plan

Orientation Webinar
Participate in a Student Orientation webinar to discuss the calendar of events, review the syllabus and introduce students to the FGA Learning Management System (LMS) platform.

Prerequisite eLearning Courses
These courses will introduce foundational concepts to ensure students are ready for advanced topics covered during in-depth courses.

Three-day Bootcamp
The first of two classroom sessions will include fundamental Voyager 7s administrative functions for core Voyager with tracks for Residential and Commercial clients. (Student travel required)

Midterm Assessment
The midterm will test the students’ knowledge and determine areas of focus for the remainder of the curriculum.
Instructor-led Weekly Webinars
The weekly webinars will cover additional Voyager 7s administrative topics. Each session will last 1-2 hours.

eLearning Courses
Students will be given access to the FGA LMS, hosted by Yardi eLearning. The LMS platform will include a curriculum of required and optional courses. These courses will include quizzes and require critical thinking.

Midterm Two Day Bootcamp
The second classroom session will cover advanced accounting functionality, system customizations and SQL fundamentals. (Student travel required)

Bi-weekly Team Study Group Sessions
During this online forum, we will discuss topics previously covered during classroom and webinar lessons. The students currently enrolled in FGA are encouraged to share their application of topics or ask questions to the group.

Online Access to Course Content
A file repository of each course.

FGA Forum
An online platform for students to interact with each other. This is a great way to prepare for the certification exam.

Proctored Final Certification Exam
Students will take a proctored exam. This challenging assessment requires a thorough understand of all subject matters. Students will use their critical thinking skills to answer questions and solve issues in a Voyager 7s database. A passing score on the Final Exam is required to earn the designation of FGA Certified Yardi Administrator©.

Gold Plan

Includes all the Silver Plan offerings, plus:

Bi-weekly Individual Workshop Sessions
We will work individually with each student to ensure you are keeping up with the eLearning content and are mastering the skills to become a Certified Yardi Administrator.

Individual Client Onsite Business Process Review
Deep dive into your individual and company needs. We will integrate property management principals with Yardi’s technology to improve your business efficiencies.

FitechGelb Support Queue Preferred Pricing
Our FitechGelb Support Queue provides top quality individualized Tier 1 and Tier 2 support for your organization.

With Support Queue access, the student may submit inquiries to our professional team of subject matter experts at a preferred service rate. Upon selecting the Gold Plan, we will quote a preferred rate to accommodate your organization’s specific needs.

Program Outline


  • Introductory Bootcamp
    3 Days - Chicago IL
  • Weekly Webinar Series
    Instructor-led virtual meetings
  • Midterm Bootcamp
    2 days - Chicago IL


  • Weekly Webinar Series
    Instructor-led virtual meetings
  • Web-Proctored Final Exam

Program Dates TBD
Instructor-led webinars are 1 to 2 hours in length; duration varies by subject matter
Team and Client workshops are 1 hour in length

*Student travel required

Curriculum Highlights


  • Advanced Security/Menus/Permissions
  • ETL and Y2Y
  • Commercial Track
    • Best Practices
    • Commercial Lease Administration
    • Amendments/Options/Clauses
    • Advanced Retail Setup
    • Correspondence tools
    • Business Fundamentals, including:
      • Major components of a commercial lease
      • Defining and understanding expense recoveries
      • When to charge Overage rent
  • Workflow Design
  • Report Scheduler/Task Runner
  • Residential Track
    • Best Practices
    • Managing Rent Increases
    • Amenity Based Pricing
    • Rentable Items & Service Charges
    • Resident Ledger Corrections
    • Unit Turnover and Make Ready process
    • Business Fundamentals, including:
      • Importance and benefits of Amenity Based Pricing
      • Managing unit turns to increase profitability
      • Streamlining the lease proposal & renewal process


  • Real Estate Accounting Fundamentals
  • Chart of Accounts Design and Maintenance
  • Account Tree Design and Maintenance
  • Bank and Check Administration
  • Financial Tie Outs and Month End Procedures
  • Management Fees
  • Intercompany


  • Relational Databases and Database Schema
  • SQL Fundamentals
  • Correspondence Setup and Management
  • Custom Tables

The FitechGelb Academy Difference

Our experienced Yardi subject matter experts have developed robust content to ensure all attendees will gain the knowledge needed to support the design, configuration and implementation of Yardi.

The FitechGelb Academy (FGA) Certification Program for Yardi Administrators is more than just a Yardi training course. FGA provides a top-tier, comprehensive education and exam-based certification for the real estate industry. FitechGelb is a mark of distinction and a source of credibility in the real estate marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should enroll? FGA welcomes experienced Yardi Voyager users who aspire to become Certified with the FitechGelb Academy Program.

Do I need prior experience with Yardi to participate? Yes, we recommend enrollees have real estate industry experience (minimum 3 years) and hands-on Yardi experience (minimum 1 year in property management, accounting, or IT support). Our intermediate and advanced level courses will provide you with the tools you need to support all aspects of Yardi administration for your organization.

Is this program for Commercial or Residential clients? Our course content focuses on core functionality, accounting, and administrative skills which apply to all vertical markets. In addition, students will choose to follow the Commercial Track or the Residential Track. Each track will cover specialized content during live breakout sessions and instructor-led webinars.

Can I take this course privately or does my company need to sponsor me? Enrollees must be full-time, permanent employees of an organization with a Voyager license in good standing.

Do I have to be an IT professional to attend? No! We welcome all real estate industry professionals who are ready to take their current Yardi experience to the next level. Whether you are a property manager, leasing professional, corporate accountant, or industry executive, we invite you to enroll.

Will I receive a certification after completing this course? Yes, to earn the FitechGelb Academy (FGA) Certification for Yardi Administrators, you must complete a series of workshops, webinars, and eLearning courses, and pass a final exam.

How will content be delivered? How large will the classes be? Courses are taught in person, via webinar, and via e-learning.  Class size is limited to 15 students.

Will I be required to travel? Yes, students must be able to attend an introductory three-day bootcamp and a mid-term two-day bootcamp.

What happens if I miss a class? Attendance is mandatory for both bootcamps and all instructor-led webinars. E-learning content is self-paced. If you miss a webinar, we will provide access to the session recording for a limited time. If you miss a bootcamp session, you will need to reschedule your attendance for a future session.

About FitechGelb
FitechGelb is the preeminent real estate technology and service expert offering end-to-end IT and accounting support. Our international platform is an extension of your organization, providing clients with ERP implementations/upgrades, ERP and IT help desk, network/cloud support, low voltage wiring design and installation, as well as outsourced accounting and lease abstraction.

FitechGelb is a member of Yardi's Independent Consultants Network, the MRI Software Partner Connect Program & the RealPage Certified Consulting Program.

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